The best times to kiss a girl

When she’s babbling on about something. When you’re arguing. When you see her. When you’re with her. When you’re with your friends. When she cries. When shes happy. When she does something you love. After you ask her out. After she says she loves you. After you just kissed her. Before you leave. My point is, whenever you get the chance to kiss her, kiss her.

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Anonymous asked: best sex sesh of your life?

My ex lol

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Looking back through everything, I never really realized how much I toyed with you or hurt you. I was the worst boyfriend ever. And the fact that you stuck around, amazes me.

I know now, that I have 100% fallen for you head over heels

I miss every single thing about you. I can’t sleep. I’m constantly depressed. I wish we could go back to old days. I would have made you feel like nothing would ever come between us.

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perks of being in a relationship

  • u can steal their clothes
  • they have 2 give u their fries
  • they look cute when they sleep
  • if ur sick they still have 2 kiss u and then u can get them sick hell yeah
  • free food
  • hand on my butt 
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Some people are good at being in love. Some people are good at love. Two very different things, I think. Being in love is the romantic part—sex all the time, midday naps in the sheets, the jokes, the laughs, the fun, long conversations with no pauses, overwhelming separation anxiety … Just the best sides of both people, you know? But love begins when the excitement of being in love starts to fade: the stress of life sets in, the butterflies disappear, the sex becomes a chore, the tears, the sadness, the arguments, the cattiness … The worst parts of both people. But if you still want that person by your side through all of those things … that’s when you know—that’s when you know you’re good at love.
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